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Public Housing

What if something breaks in my apartment after business hours or on a weekend and it is an emergency?

Call the main office number 655-2360 and the answering service will contact our on call maintenance technician.

What if I have a decrease or increase in household income?

Contact your Property Manager and they will let you know how the change will affect your rent.

Are pets allowed in public housing?

Yes, pets are allowed with some restrictions. You should contact your Property Manager for more information before you get a pet.

Can I make alterations in my unit?

You should always check with your Property Manager before making any alterations to your unit. Otherwise you could be in violation of your lease and charges to undo the alterations.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher

Can I use the voucher in the unit that I am currently living in?

As long as the unit passes the Housing Quality Standards inspection you may use the voucher in the unit you are currently living in.

If I choose to move how much time do I have to find an apartment?

Initially you will be issued a voucher for sixty days. If you do not find a unit in that time you may submit a written request for a 30 day extension.

How much will I have to pay towards the rent?

Normally you will not pay more than 30% of your adjusted gross income in rent. Depending on the unit you choose the initial maximum rent that you would pay is 40% of your adjusted gross income. You will have to decide if you want to go over the payment standard.

How does the Housing Authority set the payment standard?

Annually the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) publishes local Fair Market Rents (FMR) the payment standard is based on the local FMR. The bedroom size of your voucher depends on your family size and composition.

What happens if I have a change in my family composition in between my annual recertification?

You should contact the Section 8 Administrator. You will be required to complete paperwork to add or remove family members. Your voucher size may increase or decrease at your next annual recertification because of changes.


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