About Us

Our Mission

The Winooski Housing Authority mission is to provide safe, affordable, quality housing to low and moderate income individuals and families while offering supportive services through partnerships with the community that will assist in improving the social and economic well-being of our residents.

WHA Board of Commissioners

The five (5) member Board of Commissioners for the Winooski Housing Authority are appointed by the Mayor of Winooski for a five (5) year term as required by Vermont law. One commissioner must be a program participant. The members are:

Member Role Appointment Date
Diane Potvin Chair December 31, 2024
Patricia Raymond Vice-Chair December 31, 2025
Marnie Owen Commissioner December 31, 2023
Abeer Al Zubaidy Commissioner December 31, 2026
Nicole Mace Commissioner December 31, 2027

Agendas & Minutes

WHA Staff

Executive Director
Katherine “Deac” Decarreau Executive Director deac@winooskihousing.org
Dionne Beaulieu Assistant Executive Director dbeaulieu@winooskihousing.org
Housing Choice Voucher Programs
Jamie Latterell Voucher Supervisor jamiel@winooskihousing.org
Susan Perkins Voucher Administrator sperkins@winooskihousing.org
Lynne Turer Voucher Specialist lturer@winooskihousing.org
Property Management
Bikash Poudyel Property Manager bpoudyel@winooskihousing.org
Darlene Austin Assistant daustin@winooskihousing.org
SASH Program (Support and Services at Home)
Mariella Wretman SASH Coordinator mretman@winooskihousing.org
Darlene Austin SASH Coordinator daustin@winooskihousing.org
Gretchen Decker Wellness Nurse
UVM Health Network Home and Hospice
Business Office
Dionne Beaulieu Business Manager dbeaulieu@winooskihousing.org
Jessica Rabidoux Assistant Business Manager jrabidoux@winooskihousing.org
Vicky Trombly Admin Assistant/Clerk vtrombly@winooskihousing.org
Ron Quilliam Supervisor rquilliam@winooskihousing.org
Ronald Desjardins Lead Tech rdesjardins@winooskihousing.org
Stephen Bennett Tech I
Jason Barnier Tech II
TJ Francis Tech II
Cindy Bullis Lead Custodian
Thomas Billings Custodian
Debbie Landry Custodial Assistant

Chittenden Housing Corporation

In 1993, the Winooski Housing Authority became the managing agent for the Chittenden Housing Corporation (CHC) which at the time owned 19 rental units in the Lakeside area of Burlington. With the 2006 purchase of The Courtyard by the Chittenden Housing Corporation, WHA took on the management of an additional 100 units. The Courtyard is a Section 8 subsidized Multi-family property for seniors and disabled families and is located in Winooski.

Chittenden Housing Corporation Board of Directors
Connor Daley President
Diane Potvin Board Member
Patrice Lumomba Board Member
Katherine “Deac” Decarreau Secretary/Treasurer

Five-Year Plan